A complex U.S. health care system

rising costsThe United States Health Care System is struggling to contain its rising costs, uncertain future structure, and coverage. We will need to implement innovative approaches to solve the upcoming health care issues.
The National Institute for Coordinated Health Care (NICHC) has defined specific approaches to tackle the complexities of the health care system that can be substantively improved through the implementation of cost-effective methods.
A significant amount of health care expenditures are generated by the most vulnerable segments of the population, which by and large have the least access to services. A growing body of evidence proves that coordinated practices improve quality of care for these patients while significantly increasing return on investment.

Solutions to improve health and health care

NICHC_AcronymLogoThe National Institute for Coordinated Health  Care has designed strategies to eliminate failures in Patient Care Coordination, and tackling barriers to accessing the healthcare system, reduce rising costs in patient care, reduce hospital re-admissions and increase preventive care while empowering under-served patients and communities with education, technology, resources and research in collaborative  environments.

The NICHC approach involves three steps: training, coordinated care implementation,  research and publication of results.

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