The National Institute for Coordinated Health Care

The National Institute for Coordinated Health Care is a Non-Profit Organization committed to eliminate healthcare disparities by the development of Clinical and Academic Community-based measures to increase awareness of public health issues affecting the general population, with emphasis on low-income and limited-English proficient populations.

Mission Statement


The National Institute for Coordinated Health Care is dedicated to the elimination of healthcare disparities in low-income and Limited-English Proficient populations through the provision of education, resources, research  and technology within collaborative environments.


Creation and maintenance of a membership-based clinical and diagnostic data repository to be used for research and analysis.

Creation of collaborative environments to encourage research in public health issues.

Design of action plans to address the lack of effective communication between target patient populations and healthcare systems to secure the effective provision of patient-centered care.


Our team of experts consists of a multidisciplinary group of professionals with the same goal – eliminating healthcare disparities.

Each of our members is a recognized influence-maker and opinion leader within their professional communities.

Our team consists of biomedical professionals, educators, Community Health Workers, Medical Interpreters, and more.


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