The NICHC Podcast Series

At the intersection of language, culture, and public health

The NICHC Podcast Series features key professionals from the United States and abroad whose work relates to public health, health care, coordinated care, workforce development, language, and culture. Join us every month to learn from these professionals and their take on the past, present, and future of public health and health care.

National certification for medical interpreters

Natalya Mytareva

Executive Director

Certification Commission for

Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI)

Anesthesia from a multicultural perspective

Ashish Sinha, MD, PhD, DABA, MBA

Professor of Anesthesiology

Vice Chairman for Research

Temple University

Ashish Sinha, MD, PhD, DABA, MBA – Part 1: Anesthesia from a multicultural perspective
Ashish Sinha, MD, PhD, DABA, MBA – Part 2: Anesthesia from a multicultural perspective

Applied Linguistics and Medical Interpreting

Priscilla Ortiz, PhD, CMI

Program Manager, Language Services Division

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Priscilla Ortiz – Part 1: Applied linguistics, limited-English proficiency and more
Priscilla Ortiz – Part 2: Top ten tips to work with medical interpreters and more

NOTE: This interview was recorded on December, 2017

Health Literacy

Mary Powell, PhD, CRNP, CDE

Associate Professor

Director, Graduate Nursing Programs

Neumann University


NOTE: This podcast was recorded in August, 2017

Language access and health care

Glenn Flores, MD, FAAP

Chief Research Officer

Director, Health Services Research Institute

NOTE: This podcast was recorded on May, 2017

Nursing and Public Health

Allison P. Squires, FAAN, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Rory Meyers College of Nursing NYU

NOTE: This podcast was recorded on March 24, 2017

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