CMIT® is a flexible 60 to 100-hour training program that surpasses the recommended national training standards and requirements for national certification for medical/healthcare Interpreters. Although the CMIT® program is primarily intended for spoken languages, it provides American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters a specialization training.

CMIT® has been fully developed by and for interpreters. With more than 35 years of collective experience in the field of interpreting and interpreting training, the CMIT® authors put emphasis in the development of the basic interpreting skills and learning of specialized medical terminology.

The CMIT® textbook help students learn a wide variety of skills, techniques, and strategies to handle basic and difficult scenarios in different healthcare settings.

The CMIT® Workbook for Medical Interpreters provides a simple way of learning medical terminology, and exposes students to the daily nuances of the English and healthcare basic and technical languages that may present difficulties when interpreting in specialized settings.

CMIT® is offered via remote instruction using online instruction methodologies. Our NICHC eLearning site hosts the CMIT® lessons and advanced medical interpreter workshops. You can visit the NICHC eLearning site at

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