The NICHC has designed a series of training resources to facilitate learning.

We have published two books for our signature Core Medical Interpreter Training® (CMIT®) program:

The CMIT® Textbook

This textbook has been written by and for interpreters. It is designed for language-neutral courses, with dynamic content covering the basic skills of language interpreting, the codes of ethics, culture, health care, guidelines and regulations, and the basics of anatomy and physiology for medical interpreters.

Workbook for Medical Interpreters

This workbook helps aspiring or working medical interpreters to start accumulating and learning medical terminology, acronyms, abbreviations, and common phrases to render accurate interpretations regardless of the healthcare setting and register used.

The goal of this workbook is to help explain the basic techniques to build and deconstruct medical terminology in its individual components, and apply these techniques to figure out the meaning of high register technical terms. It is also useful to help the new and established interpreter understanding the register in healthcare encounters to be able to interpret accurately in English and the target language(s).

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